Sunday, 1 April 2012

pretty kitty; really a downsized leopard

UPDATE: two of these kitties live round the corner from me...I shall try to steal one :)

mog: forgetful kitty

cat sets up undercover detective agency. tries to look natural

slinky malinki: the slinkiest cat in town

big kitty takes an unexpected holiday

serious cat would like a word

pom pom cat tired of looking like pom pom

hipster kitty

grandpa kitty, talking about his wars again

literary kitty likes a good book in the sun

jus' visitin'

on the look out. keeping eyes and ears open

street cat is poised

tiny kitten. happy next to boobs

wait...explain that again

shopaholic cat tries window shopping

sleepy cat gets comfy

homeless cat writes book-with help from his human

drunk kitty. he's been there all night

inappropriate cat; just trying to get in your underwear

snooty cat is not impressed